Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Being Called to the Principal's Office

Today I was called to the principal’s office not once but twice. First I was at an appointment and the receptionist questioned me on my sunburn. I told her it was 2 weeks old and I had used sun block. She fussed at me for getting sunburn. Then she fussed at me for wearing sun block and how I am putting chemicals in my body. How she never put sun block on her kids she just made them wear hats and shirts. I reminded her that if I am outside 10 minutes I will burn. She went on and on about how our bodies need Vitamin D and even her dog knows to lay in the sun to absorb vitamin D. I will be honest and say I natural Oils and I think they have an amazing sun block. And if I was going to just be out for 20 minutes in the yard I would use it. But I also understand my skin type and how skin cancer affects lives so I will continue to protect my body. Then I went to the OB for my weekly shot. I was first fussed at for not coming in last week when I fell. She was right I should have gone in but I landed on my knee so I was not too concerned. Then I asked what I could do for my stomach bug (I am on day 4). That did not go over so well. She said the rule is after 24 hours you come in. She said there was nothing I could take. Just to have lots of fluids. I agreed to go in this morning if it was not better. I have to call the advice nurse when they open this morning. When is the last time you were called to the principal’s office? Make me feel better that I am not the only one. Pamela


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