Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A Birthday Girl

I should be sleeping. I need to be sleeping. But I miss this blog. I cannot believe we have this new baby and I am rarely blogging. I cannot believe how fast time is going. This week Hope celebrated her 11th birthday. Her party is not until this weekend. She is having a skating party. This girl is the light of my life. She keeps me on my toes. One day she is digging in the dirt and asking to be called Bob. The next day I come home and she is wearing mascara and asking to wear my heels. I have to tell you a funny story. This morning as we were heading to reading therapy Faith asked me if they were allowed to watch the Cosby Show. I said “The Cosby Show”. She said yes. I almost laughed and said yes. She said okay because Hope watched it. Then she said and mom, last night she tried to sneak the blanket off my bed. Hope told me she learned it from watching the Cosby Show. I had to giggle that this worried her. Hope has really grown up recently. Right before my eyes she is turning into a young lady. She wants more responsibility. She begs to hold the baby. At first it only lasted a few minutes and she was screaming that he was slobbering on her or wiggling. Now she has realized if she walks him up and down the hallway he will stop crying. It really boosts her self esteem to tell me she is bringing me a baby who is not crying. I love this child. She has red hair and freckles like me, and is sensitive and who struggles with reading, has a lot of sensory issues. Hope is the laundry queen. She is responsible for washing and drying the family laundry. She is taking a interest in cooking recently. I cannot wait to share how her party goes. She has requested a cake decorated with candy. Wish me luck. Pamela


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