Saturday, November 9, 2013

Grace is 8, How did this Happen

We are in birthday mode here. We have four birthdays in a month. Grace had a great birthday. She decided to take a few friends for manicures and pedicures. It had to be the cutest thing ever. They all chose their colors and enjoyed being pampered. Every year I give my kids the choice: we can buy their birthday cake or I can make it or they can make it. They always choose to make it and decorate it themselves. I know it does not make for perfect cakes or beautiful pictures. But I do not mind. It lets them be creative. It gives them something special to do on their special day. Grace is our miracle (I know they are all miracles), my water broke at 26 weeks and I delivered her at 31 weeks weighing 2.12 pounds. She is a healthy beautiful baby girl. You heard that right, she may be 8 but she is my baby girl. She loves to snuggle and begs to sleep with us. She takes pride in taking care of the little ones. She will be the first to bring you a cold drink. She lives for dressing up. I have loved watching her grow and change. It has not always been easy but God has shown us that he is there. Grace is my sensitive child. One minute she is outgoing and talks your ear off. The next minute she is shy and clinging to mom. She loves to learn and keeps me on my toes to keep up with her. Pamela


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