Friday, November 15, 2013

Just Roll With It

Just roll with it! My goal for this blog is to be honest with my blog. Honestly, I have so much I want to write about but then life gets busy and then I worry about my spelling and grammar. I do not want to go back and read everything again. Which is comical because this is what I fuss about on a daily basis to my teen. I have talked about life with a son who has asbergers before. Some of the social skills issues he has. I have to be honest the thought of moving is made harder by the fact that he has to meet new people. First impressions are not always great with him. But once you know him for a couple of minutes you will love him. He is the most giving, helpful child you will meet. He is great with little kids , patient beyond what seems possible and has a love for any child with special needs. This will all make sense in a few minutes. I have posted hundreds of pictures of my newest blessing Jacob. He is so precious and so snuggly and content to just set in my arms and look at the walls. I constantly get comments about how bright his eyes are and they have been since birth, how he looks around constantly. All of this is true. But I have noticed something recently he looks around all the time but not at one thing and not at anyone. He does not follow objects or even look at the ceiling fan. I think what startles me most is that you can literally touch his eye lashes before he will blink. At first I reminded myself he is a infant. Stop reading the what to expect app because he is not doing what it says. Then I noticed something else. He does not smile. Sure when he is nursing he smiles and a couple of times he has smiled at someone. They ooh and ahh about a cute little chubby smile. In my heart I knew it was just a coincidence. I kept telling myself that he is only 5 weeks, then 6, then 7 and finally 8 weeks. I did decide I should have his eyes examined. I have eye issues and my husband had eye issues. So I made a apointment. Remember we are moving in 3 weeks. Well this week we had Jacobs two month appointment. He weighed 11.12 pounds which means he has gained 3 pounds since birth. He has also grown 3 inches. He looked great. He is super strong and has had great head control since birth. She asked if I had any concerns. I told her about him not looking at me or smiling. Honestly, I just knew she would say give it time. So she examines him and looks at his eyes for several minutes before saying “I need to talk to someone” and then walks out of the room. Talk about scary. She comes back and says she agrees he needs to see the eye doctor ASAP. Then says she is putting in a referral for early intervention. That shocked me. I asked why and she said the words that made me want to cry and laugh out loud at the same time. She said “because he has no social skills”. No social skills, that is funny. I know all about lack of social skills. We see the eye doctor next Thursday. She is pretty sure Early Intervention will get me in before the move. If not she will type something out before we move to take with us. So now back to the title. I took my daughter to reading therapy yesterday and at the end I was talking to her therapist about Jacob. Really laughing about the social skills statement because she has heard some of the craziness. Her comment to me made me smile and think. She said well if there is ever a parent to have a child with special needs it is you. She said some parents hear there child is delayed and they can think of nothing else. That I hear it and think okay what do we do to help them. Please know I am not saying Jacob has anything wrong. Heck, he could start smiling and cooing today. He could just be lazy and enjoying his time and be on his own schedule. But I do think the correct thing is to watch him closely and make sure we are staying on top of it. I ask you to pray with us. Pray that Early Intervention can get us in quickly and give us some idea about what is going on before we move. Pray for our appointment with the eye doctor on Thursday. I ask you to pray for our family as we move and find new therapist for my other two and find new doctors. Pray as we find a church and meet new people. Pamela


Amanda said...

I have been just loving all your sweet images of him on Instagram… I am so heavy hearted to hear there may be an issue with his eyes. Please know I am praying with you on this! Be blessed my friend!

Melissa said...

Hopefully I can give you some hope here. My daughter just turned one, and suffered hypoxia at birth due to uterine rupture. At about the same age - right about 8 weeks - we noticed she wasn't tracking, smiling socially, and so on... her photos from then look much like your son's, eyes usually to one side, seeking out bright lights. We were given two possibilities - Delayed Visual Maturation and Cortical Visual Impairment (which would have been due to the oxygen deprivation at birth) Right before four months, just weeks before her Early Intervention appointment, she woke up one morning, looked right at me and smiled and squealed like she'd never seen me before (she probably hadn't!) She had some delays due to the vision problems but they cleared up with a month or so, and since then she has been developmentally on track. She just turned a year and is 100% healthy. Just thought I'd share my experience and my hope that yours is similar and your little guy is just giving you a run for your money just like my girl did! Best wishes!

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