Thursday, May 15, 2014

Feeling Beachie-Husband Style

I am sorry I am posting this late. We went to the Soldier show tonight and did not get in until late. Then we had to milk the goat and give the chickens water. I am still not use to those words being part of my life. So for your reading pleasure I asked my husband to answer these questions. 1.I wish the __money__________ would always stay __in my bank account__ 2. You'll need__alot ___ of __medical attention__ when you _ask ______ my _daughter out___ 3.If I go to a restaurant it must have_steak___- 4.My must have holiday baking treat is ____


McGuffy Ann Morris said... aren't late! I hope everything went well! Good answers, but I wonder about #4!

Rory Bore said...

Ha - yes, I think we all can agree that we would rather the money stay in our wallets.

And I can well remember having to come home from an event, and have barn chores. Or, not being able to go out at all until they were done.
Mucking stalls in the morning is definitely on my list of my least favourite things to do in the morning!

Hilary said...

I guess steak is your favorite food!

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