Monday, August 18, 2014

Date Night

I am so proud of myself. I rarely complain in a resteraunt because I know they work hard and no one appreciats what they do.
Well my husband and I went to lunch ALONE. We walked into a local pizza place. A plain pizza was $18. It was New York style pizza. I kept looking at the pizza and looking at it. It looked horrible. Normally I would just eat it because we were there. But not this time. I decided if I was going to splurge on a meal with my hubby then it needed to be good. So we walked next door and tried Jimmy Johns. It was decent food. It was nice to have something we could both enjoy. And as a added bonus we bought 6 sub rolls for .50 cents a piece that I will turn into pizza breads for dinner tonight. I may have to go back just for the .50 cent bread. 
Have you ever left someplace because the food did not look good? 
I will say I made sure to be overly nice to the lady making the pizza ( the only employee). She actually encouraged us to try another pizza place that everyone likes. 


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