Thursday, August 7, 2014

Feeling Beachie

Mountain Dew IS addicting I am much better at STRAIGHTENING than DEEP CLEANING. In the winter I will GET CAUGHT UP ON HOUSEWORK because WE LIVE IN THE YARD RIGHT NOW. Growing up I ate CHICKEN NUGGETS but as a adult I eat BONELESS CHICKEN BREAST. I have no idea why my blog is messed up. It squishes my post together and does not let me underline like I need. Crazy, Crazy, Crazy


McGuffy Ann Morris said...

I can empathize with #2! Ha! Enjoy the outdoors.

Elizabeth said...

We definitely are eating much more healthy meals as an adult. :)

I do deep cleaning a few days every month, but just dust and pick up most of the time.

ENJOY your weekend. Nice answers.

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Hilary said...

chicken nuggets are still yummy!

Rory Bore said...

I love Mountain Dew. And Dr Pepper too. Everyone is always Coke or Pepsi it seems, but I like these two more. Or, I mix them all together into "swamp water" - have you ever done that? It looks awful, but is actually really good.
Oh yes, when the kids go back to school, the house will get a very very thorough cleaning. It will take at least a week I am sure.

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