Sunday, August 17, 2014

Strong Bonds

As I type this (not publish because then you would know when I was not home), but as I type I am in my car (isn't technology great) on my way home from a Strong Bonds marriage retreat. We had such a wonderful weekend. This weekend our focus was on the book, 7 Habits of a Succesful Marriage. Even after being married we can use a wake up call and some reminders. 
It was really nice to have time to set next to my husband and talk about our marriage. We ended up at a table by ourselves. I would normally not like that but this weekend we needed time alone. We needed time to not work on home improvements or take care of animals. Just time to set and discuss ways to improve our marriage. Time to work on a family plan. It was a craft project. I don't think I have ever used a glue stick with my husband before.
  I have so much I want to work into our daily life. Things like making a plan and sticking to it for 30 days and then revising it. What a neat idea. 
  When we told the kids we were going to a marriage retreat Faith said we did not need one because we were already close. Hope reminded her it was so we would start holding hands again and never stop. Where were the kids during all of this talking and crafting? Well that is a story for another day. 


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