Sunday, August 3, 2014


This picture both thrills me and saddens me. In this picture you see three of my blessing sleeping together. One of the most precious pictures I will ever have. The reason they are sleeping together makes me sad. You see that little blonde is scared to sleep alone. She is scared to go outside alone. She is scared, no child should ever feel scared. Why is my precious little girl scared you may ask. She is scared because last year someone broke into our cars. She no longer feels safe in her own house. So every night someone sleeps with her. Actually that is not true. A couple of times she has slept alone. She said mom I just prayed all night. I just kept praying for safety and he kept me safe. I love that she knows who to turn to when she is scared. But I hate that she has this fear. I think she needs a big dog to sleep at the foot of her bed. I am so grateful that my other children are willing to love on her and help her feel safe.


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