Sunday, June 2, 2013

Pregnancy week 26

I do not have a huge update this week. I am feeling great. Last weekend we went to a POW WOW and had a great time. Made sure to coat everyone in sunblock. Sadly, it did not work on my body well and this is what I looked like the next day. Let me just say being in a hotel with a sunburn is not fun. I have not been this sunburned in probably 15 years. This sunburn looked more purple than red after a couple of days. I am wondering if being pregnancy has something to do with this. My children and husband did not get burned. I am 26 weeks this week. That makes me nervous and excited. Nervous because this is when my water broke with Grace. I am enjoying pregnancy more than I did with the other ones. I love getting big and sassy. I love feeling this blessing move around. Today I could actually see him bounce around. During church Grace got to enjoy feeling him move and kick. So fun watching her enjoy it. Pamela
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Jennifer Smith said...

:( So sorry you got so sunburned. That's the worst.

Sanz @ From The Mr.s said...

Congratulations on #7! What an exciting time. If your water broke at 26 weeks previously, what happened? Were you hospitalized for awhile or did you end up delivering? Best wishes to you!!

Rheanna said...

i like how hubby is photo-bombing this! LOL

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