Monday, November 21, 2011

Not me Monday

Not me Monday
It is not me who is not going to beg you, bribe you and harass you to enter my give away right here. I am not desperate to get lots of entries just to make myself feel good.
It is not me who combines Not me Monday with Miscellany Monday. Surely I am able to come up with two blog post on a Monday morning.
First, let me tell you if I posted some of the things I have not done I would be arrested. It has been a crazy week.
I want to know how people get angry and smack their children because last week I smacked a child on the bottom and I was not even mad and this is what happened. I promise this picture does not show how bad it really was. Even the side of my hand bruised. The child on the other hand had no idea why I was putting ice on my hand.
It was not us, meaning my husband and I. who went grocery shopping and ended up leaving a child strapped in a cart alone in an aisle because of lack of communication.
It was not my son who came to me on Tuesday afternoon and thought his sister should stop school to wash his shirt for that evening. It is her month to do laundry. He could not grasp the concept that he had to do his own laundry since he did not get it in the dirty laundry on time.
It was not me who changed a baby on a sidewalk a few weeks ago. We were at a public park having a ceremony and I could not walk away. So I turned away from the crowd and let the diapers fly.
When my daughter realized her sister’s shoes were too big she most certainly did not zip tie them to her feet?

Mckmama- Not Me Monday


Clorissa said...

So funny about your son wanting his sister to stop school to do his he gets his laundry to the basket on time the next time around!

And, ouch your hand looks painful.  Did it have any pain or did it just bruise?


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