Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

I have not blogged much recently. Life has been crazy. 16 days ago our dog of 8 years passed away and just 36 hours later my hero brought home this.

The morning after we got her she weighed 3.4 and the Vet said she was healthy. 3 days later she began going to the bathroom all over my house constantly. I took her back to the Vet and they said she weighed 2.4 pounds. It was because of a change of food. They gave her meds and told us to give her pedialyte every couple of hours around the clock. I am happy to announce she now weighs 4.4 pounds.

Seriously in the last 14 days I have had One, count them ONE, night of sleep. She wakes up nightly to go potty and then is a excited baby. The first week she slept inside my hair and snuggled on my neck. She is definitely a snuggler. Which is great at four pounds but do not know how that will work in a few months.

By the way, we named her Abby. Abby because the vet said is two syllables and has a E sound at the end.


S.I.F. said...

Oh!! She is so small and precious and perfect!

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