Thursday, November 17, 2011

What makes you sad

What makes you sad? I am on facebook several times a day. I comment, I stalk, and I can admit it. Rarely do I ever copy something. I do not remember posting my bra color (should go make sure). I just do not do it because nothing really appeals to me. I do not think anything is wrong with it just nothing has spoken to me.
Well yesterday a friend posted this: WE'RE EXPECTING!! A little over 6 weeks already! MY WORD!!! I know it's crazy!!! I wasn't gonna say anything on here but I wanted my family to know the situation!!! I mean freaking 6 weeks... It's official!!! We're expecting Christmas just over six weeks!!!
I honestly thought it was cute. If you know me you know I have gone to great lengths to convince my mother that I am pregnant. I thinking having blessings is a wonderful thing and if I ever was to become pregnant again then I would shout it out from the roof tops. I would be thrilled beyond thrilled.
I was saddened when I woke up this morning by several e-mails from friends saying: I am so sorry, I have already started praying for this, Oh man, and I was worried. Most of the people on my facebook account know me well enough to know it was a joke. It is the private messages that got me.
So in case you ever wondered. I will be screaming and shouting and only have happy thoughts if I ever show up pregnant. Would it be hard right now Y-E-S. Would I be scared after our last pregnancy Y-E-S.? Would I maybe even worry I could not handle it y-e-s. But in the end children are blessings and not something I take lightly. I have too many friends who cannot have children for various reasons and I would never want to offend them.
Pamela-mom to many blessings


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