Thursday, November 17, 2011


Seriously, my son is 15, when did that happened and where was I.
Seriously, why do I avoid wiping the walls down in my house even though I know every day I look at them I am disgusted.
Seriously, why does this puppy have to love me so much when she knows I did not want her?
Seriously, how much more are we going to spend at the vet in one month?
Seriously, I am done with my Christmas shopping and I could not be more excited. Now it is time to enjoy the holiday.
Seriously my mother in law is coming down next week and I cannot wait. I love how we set around and talk.
Seriously, I want to teach a class to young married women about how to love your mother in law. I wish I loved and understood her early in our marriage the way I do now.
Seriously, why did it take three attempts at opening a new savings account, DON’T YOU WANT OUR MONEY!
Seriously, we owe nothing on credit cards, this is not a brag this is a amazing statement that I need to remind myself of daily when we are in “want” of something.
Seriously, want to work on getting our other debt taken care of so we can scream “DEBT FREE”.
Seriously, I have had an upset stomach for 2.5 weeks, how is that possible and why. We thought it was stress but the stress is gone and it I am still not feeling well.
Seriously, I ordered my Christmas cards and cannot wait to get them mailed out before December first.


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