Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Getting to know me-Family edition

8. Tell us a bit about your family! UMM, let me think about what I want to say. I think I will tell you about the family in my house. Where do I start? There is the amazing man who married me over 17 years ago and continues to make me smile and pull my hair out all in the same day. There is the dog I did not want but that continues to only want me. She is a Dutch shepard. My amazing husband got her 36 hours after our dog died because he could not handle the look in my children’s eyes. There is the cat. Again my husband’s doing. Our cat died within a few days of moving into our home and a friend saw a stray kitten in her neighborhood. What she did not realize is that kitten was 6 months old and PREGNANT! Oh wait, you want to hear about my children. They are just your normal, crazy, loud, sensitive, loving, drive me crazy kids. Michael is 16, can’t believe I am admitting that one. He is my caregiver, he thinks in black and white and everyone should follow the rules. He loves to help the kid who is having problems. Faith is 12, she is already wearing my shoes and I am already wearing her jeans. But don’t tell her because it drives her batty. She is a little momma, she loves to take care of kids and they really cling to her. Hope is 10, she is my bug loving, dirt digging, OCD cleaning child. If she visits your home she is probably going to find a room to clean and organize. She is my only baby with red hair. It is nice to have someone who looks like me. Grace is 7, she is my baby girl for sure. She has decided to be shy recently and I am kind of enjoying it. She wants to do things on her own but then wants you to take care of her. She is the smallest of my children. She was born at 2.12 pounds and still thinks she needs to be little. Jason is 4, he is all boy. Running and screaming and fighting and breaking things. He repeats everything I say just to hear himself talk. He loves to wrestle and loves to be snuggled. He wants nothing more than to be told he is doing something right. James is 2, he is the baby and he knows it. He talks constantly; he loves to repeat what we are saying. He does not want to just be snuggled but wants to have your arms wrapped snuggly around him. He has definitely learned how to get his way. If he wants something he runs to Faith and just smiles at her. Very often you will find him snuggled up in her arms while she does school. He has really become his own self in the last few months. He loves to climb and play.


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