Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Our first real tree

Do you have a live or artificial Christmas tree? We have always had a fake one? I am OCD about it having matching everything too. I do not like colored bulbs and I do not like handmade ornaments. I know I am a bit of a scrooge. Well that is all changing. This year we went to the Christmas tree farm with other families from church. We picked out a tree and brought it home. We went back out and bought colored lights. We are making all homemade Christmas ornaments. Guess what? I do not mind. I am excited about making ornaments together. The Christmas tree farm was wonderful. They had hot chocolate and a bon fire for smore’s. They had a train ride and a wagon ride. I think they said there was 38 acres of land to find the perfect tree. You could cut it down yourself or ask them to. The kids had a great time, the employees were awesome, and the hot chocolate was great. I will keep you updated on how the ornaments come along. I would love to hear your ideas for homemade ornaments. I would also be open to knowing why we cannot get the tree to stand up straight. We have bought a second stand and it still falls. Pamela


Jen said...

How fun!!! We have an artificial tree because of our animals.

Kathy said...

the tree itself might not be straight, so you'd have to put it into the stand at what looks like an angle to get it to look straight from a distnace

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