Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Weight Loss Wednesday

My weight hit an all time low the day after my husband came home. It was 168, I was so excited then it stopped. I could not lose weight at all. I will say I was a little depressed that the scale was not moving. I decided that when my hero and I went away and then again on vacation I would just enjoy. I ate a ton, well honestly I did not eat a ton. But I ate high calorie foods. When we came home from vacation I had gained almost 4 pounds and honestly did not mind. I have slowly gone back to normal. This morning my weight was back to 168.8. I am thrilled to see a loss. Our formal is in 2 weeks so I better work hard for the next couple of weeks if I want to fit into my dress. I always wanted to do one of those pictures where you hold your old clothes in front of you and see what you have lost. This is me wearing a size 22 skirt, I think it would be more dramatic if I had a shirt that was more form fitting Pamela


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