Monday, November 19, 2012

Miscellany Monday-formal style

This weekend was our formal. I was so excited to get all dressed up. I wish we could have a formal with friends and do fun things. Formals are CRAZY expensive and crazy boring unless you drink. It was really neat how my friend Lindsie got to help me get dressed and not laugh at me for all the things I kept messing up. Speaking of friends, let me tell you this girl has ROCKED the weight loss. Not only has she loss weight but she has toned up and looks super HOT! I am so proud of her. She is keeping me motivated. miscellany monday at lowercase lettersPamela


Arlene said...

You look absolutely stunning! What a beautiful color for you, and what elegance. I'm sure you were the prettiest girl at the party!


Paula Kelly-Bourque said...

You are rocking the weight loss yourself. This dress is fabulous on you. What a handsome couple you two make. Hope you really enjoyed your evening.

Amanda @ Chaos & Coffee said...

You look so beautiful!! I totally agree that it would be fun to have formals with friends!! :) Stopping by from Miscellany Monday, have a blessed day!!

Lindsie said...

I just seen this! ^ she looked stunning and fab, I was in awe when she walked on my house all done up. I just love getting dressed up and I also love when my friends get dressed up too makes me so happy!

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