Thursday, January 24, 2013

Can I scream now

Can I scream now? Yesterday morning a certain little boy complained the potty was getting big. I am telling you this boy clogs the potty all the time. I did not think much about it. A few minutes later my baby girl went to take a bath and came out complaining that there was urine in the bathtub. Yep, the septic tank was backed up. You know the septic tank we did not know we had. The plumber comes a hour later. He then calls the septic man who does not come until 7pm. That is 9 hours with no bathrooms. NINE HOURS with a house full of kids and a pregnant wife and no bathrooms. NINE HOURS of not being able to do laundry or dishes. The septic tank is drained or whatever it is called and all is right in the world. For days I have complained I am cold. For days I have sat in front of the fire trying to get warm. Today we realized that the heater in our home is not working AT ALL. Can you say instant freeze? At first they told us they could not get to us today. 3.5 hours ago the repair man called and said he would be here in an hour and a half. Hmm, maybe we will have heat tonight and not have to sleep in a hotel. Frankly I am too cold and tired to pack everyone up and go to a hotel. Although, a nice soak in a hot tub does sound good. Wait, pregnant ladies are not supposed to use a hot tub. I am just wondering when it is okay to throw your hands up and scream. Well today I will not because I know there are bigger problems in the world. Heck we have bigger problems in our own home. Today I will give thanks. So here is my thankful list: We are safe We have food to eat We have a fire place and strength to chop wood We have a house We are healthy We will have heat again soon when so many will not I have a God who can fix our hurts, calm our fears and warm our bodies and always takes care of us. Pamela


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