Thursday, January 10, 2013

Feeling Beachie

This week’s statements: 1. When I _am on the elliptical_ I _promise myself I will eat better so it is worth it. __ 2. It is pretty funny that _I love pickles but not cucumbers and love ketchup but would never eat tomatoes.___ 3. It may be strange but _I love being pregnant, as in 8 months and big as a house pregnant.__ 4. How __my husband____ made me __pregnant, I will never know____. Just teasing! I know how it happened. Pamela


Judy said...

My grandmother loved being pregnant and she had 19 children. Congratulations on #7 and I wish you a healthy pregnancy.

Les Botchar said...

My grandmother had 11 and I never ever heard her complain about having had a single pregnancy issue. And she had farm work to do each day too. amazing.

I find it funny that my kids will eat pasta sauce on pasta or pizza.... but if you put it on anything else, or give them a sliced tomato, they freak out. But yes, All Hail the Ketchup. On. Everything.

hilary said...

my mom is the same way - she loves pickles but hates cucumbers...

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