Saturday, January 12, 2013

How do tell your Spouse you are Pregnant

How did I tell my husband I was pregnant? It was nothing spectacular. We have never stopped blessings from joining our family. It has been 7 years since I was pregnant. Every month I take a test which drives my hubby batty. Only because he knows it will upset me when it says negative and I also can be three minutes late and take a test. I normally do not keep up with when I have my cycle. I know it is around the first of the month or so. Well now that there is more than one of us having more cycles in the house I decided last month to write it down. A few days before I tested I thought hmm I should be starting soon. A couple of days later I realized I should have started a couple of days ago. Weird for me to not have realized. I realized I was about 5 days late and decided I would test the next day. So I woke at 5:40am, went in bathroom and actually remembered. Normally I test and then stare until I see the negative and then want to cry. This time I tested and sat it down and went on about things. A couple of minutes later I looked down and saw 2 pink lines. I looked again. Then I pulled out the instructions to see if 2 lines really meant pregnant. As if I had never taken a test. As soon as I realized it positive I woke my husband who was enjoying not having to wake at 5am (OOPS). He walked in the bathroom and I pointed to it. He looked then rubbed his eyes and then looked again. I cannot remember what he said and then he hugged me. I was nervous he would not be excited. He has totally proved that theory wrong. He has sent me baby name ideas. He has already said he wants me to take the gender prediction test at 10 weeks. He is so cute. I love this man. I love him enough to have many more children with him. I wish I would have come up with a better more exciting way to tell him. How did you tell your spouse? How do you tell family? Pamela


lindseylu said...

OMG. Pam! Congratulations! When are you due???

Heather said...

The first child.. there was no surprising him.. he was the one who comment about my cycle being late and that we ought to get a test. The second one.. I had an advantage, I traveled and had a feeling that I was pregnant when I left. Was tricking getting a test kit as I was with family and they were my ride to the store. Got the test, it was positive, I boxed it and flew home with it in my suitcase.. got to the airport, hubby picked me up.. luggage was not with us! Convinced him to hang around nashville and to check back, though the airline said they would deliver, once it arrived. Thankfully when we went back to the airport the luggage was there.. the next morning, Fathers Day, I gifted my husband the positive pregnancy test! :)

Katrina Marie said...

With our first I called and told him over the phone. Boring, I know. With the second I sent pink and blue balloons to his fire station with a note that said, "Well, you got me again! Baby due in July!" With the third I hid the pregnant test in my bra and stood in front of him fully clothed and told him I had I surprise for him somewhere on my body. That was a fun one, lol. With the fourth I had one of the older kids call him on the phone while he was at work and say, "Hi Daddy! The rabbit died!" Now, this one was funny because 1) the child was about five years old and had no idea what that meant, and 2) my husband kept asking, "What rabbit? We have a rabbit? When did we get a rabbit??!!?!" It took him about a minute of hearing me laughing in the background for him to catch on. The other times I can't really remember how I told him. I might have just shown the pregnancy stick to him.

Paula Kelly-Bourque said...

Wonderful news! Congratulations :)

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