Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Field Trip to the Zoo

I love going to the zoo. I love watching the animals. I love seeing the changes at the zoo. I love watching my kids see the animals. They have had several recent babies born recently. I love this picture of the Ape; we must have watched her for 10 minutes. She carried her baby around by the arm or the leg. So much fun, my kids kept telling me how I pick them up by the arm. The zoo was even more fun this time because it was cold and the carousel as closed down. That saved us $15. What does your family enjoy doing together? How do you do it without breaking the bank? Well for us we buy a membership. I think it is about $50 for a year membership. Then we always carry peanut butter crackers. Then when we leave the zoo we eat lunch in the car on the way home. I buy my favorite bread rolls and make sandwiches and splurge on individual chips. My kids know we do not shop in the gift shop and rarely get ice cream. We also go when it is first opening so it is not so hot. Pamela


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