Thursday, July 9, 2009

birthday parties and Grace

I took pictures of the cake and the whole party but for some reason this is all I can find. We went to a party for one of Faiths friends. Look closely at the smile on Grace's face in the picture of her in the chair by herself. Not five minutes later I asked her if she wanted to set at the table with the other kids and she said she could not get up. I thought because it was a big chair. So I picked her up and she squeeled in pain and then would hardly move for a hour. We found out 2 days later that she has a UTI, by the time I got her to the DR on Monday she was acting okay (but did cry that morning when Rob touched her). She has not complained since. There is something so weird to me that she is fine one minute and then so sick the next. I love this child.


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