Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What would your child Do

I heard about a new fun thing to do on Wednesdays. It is called What would your child do, to participate go to
I think this wll be alot of fun because daily I am in tears about something my kids say. I know I have told this story before but because some of you may not have heard it I will say it again. Last month my beautiful, sweet, loving, kind, neat freak daughter bought me the soap dispenser from her bathroom. She said someone had urinated in it. I told her it was not possible, that the soap had been green and then watered down (by another child). After she assured me it was urine I took it in hand (mistake number one because it was warm) and then smelled it (why would I do that). I quickly realized it was urine and told her to pour it in the toilet and wash her hands. I assumed it was my 12 year old son, only honestly if you know him you know he would NEVER do that. I brought all the kids in the livingroom and told them that if the person who did this crime would admitt it I would not be mad but if they did not then dad was coming home to pick the container up and have it tested to see whose it was. My precious 6 year old said "okay, okay, it was me". When I asked her why she did this she said "to see if someone would use it". That night I was blogging about what she had done, in hopes of someone giving me sympathy. When she saw me she started crying and when I asked her why she said because my friends were going to tell there kids not to be friends with her. So I told her if she promised never to do anything like this again I would not tell she said, are you ready for it? She said "mommy, I can't". When I asked her why she said "because I did not fil it up!". I did not know what to think or say. Luckily, she has not done anything like this since. I do try to remember to check the soap containers before friends come over to make sure it is really soap.


Unknown said...

Oh,my! That's kinda funny. lol. Only because it didn't happen to me. ;) Our son would announce to the world (at 3 yrs) that he had a big peeper. And that his was bigger than our puppy's at the time. OH MY! lol

Heliotropism said...
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Family American Style. said...

Oh Wow! That must have really freaked you out. That's a good "do you remember when" story for when she gets older. Thank you so much for your post.

Family American Style. said...

Hi, I would love to see the post on Grace's messes, but I could not find it. Can you send me the html link? Thank you

yonca said...

He he! Kids are full of surprises!
Good thing is you realized before someone used :)

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