Saturday, July 4, 2009

Rob and Grace updates

Where have I been, I know you have missed me terribly and been super worried. I have been stuck in a different world. A world full of animals and gardens and planting and harvesting and begging for work. this world is called farm town. it is a game on facebook. Did i forget about my friends and stop caring, NO, it is a addiction and it has taken over my life.
No really my laptop had acted up all week and finally died about wednesday or thursday, Rob would fix it and then it would break again. So i have been using his laptop. I LOVE his laptop. Everyday Rob would say he had it fixed and something else would go wrong. Please know he is the smartest person I know when it comes to computers but my laptop is old and well it has had a few accidents like when i spit mountain dew on it, when someone spilt a drink on it and lets not forget what happened when I lost my temper a few months ago. He currently thinks it is fixed but i just tried to use it and got the error of death again.
How is everyone, what are your plans for tonight? We are going with friends to see fireworks. Todays plans have kinda alredy gone haywire. The plan was for Rob to work in the back yard and back porch and closet and me to relax in the office all day. i have begged for months for time to make cards and it has not happened, so i asked to do it today and was kinda told yes. but then i let rob sleep in until a friend called to ask a favor, he is there now. i made waffles for breakfast. Oh, so yummy because I put Nutella on mine. I have not had nutella in a couple of years. I cleaned out the 2 junk drawers in the kitchen and straightened the kitchen. Had the kids start there chores but they are playing quietly so i am leaving them alone. I have jumbo cookies baking for tonight. OH, wait it is not even 10am so I still have plenty of time to work in the office today.
I do have a prayer request, I am beginning to get super worried about Grace. Fearful is more the word. The last week she has told me her stomach and heart hurt which typically means her reflux is acting up. So we have been making sure she gets her meds on time. Well she woke up crying yesturday saying her toe hurt but it was weird and nothing was wrong with her toe, she woke up one time last week with a bad diaper. A couple of times yesturday she said her stomach hurt. I have to be honest and say that when she says it i never know if she is saying it because it hurts or because she wants attention. honestly it comes at weird times so I do not think it is her wanting attention. It was really bad when Rob first got out of the hospital and the nurse was coming. Remember she had a stress ulcer before and I am wondering if stress really does mess with her. Okay so why i am really worried now. Last night we went to a picnic and she was ok when we got there. She set down when it was time to eat and when I asked her if she wanted to move out of my chair to the table she said, I can't get up. I thought she meant because it was a big chair so I picked her up. She cried out in pain. For the next hour she hardly moved and if you touched her ribs or right below them she cried. So we left. I stopped and got kids gas medicine in hopes of that being it. By the time we got home she was better. But she would giggle when we touched her ribs, so was it a fake giggle to hide it from us or was the gas medicine working. We never heard her pass gas. She slept great. This morning she has not eaten which is not totally weird but i noticed the last few days she puts food in her mouth and then takes it back out. She just had a explosive pull up. So this could just be her fighting something or it could be her reflux or who knows. Either way I am calling the doctor on Monday.
Rob goes back to work on Monday. He saw the surgeon on Tuesday and she said he was not ready to go back to work. He said he was, she said he wasn't and so on. Finally he said, if you let me go back tomorrow then i am off until monday. She said FINE you can go back on Monday. I am excited and bummed he is going back. It has been nice having him home but i know he needs to get back and put in for school. We did find out this week that our orders for Fort Knox were deleted. We have not told family yet. So we are back to square one, we know he is going to school but do not know when. We know we are moving but do not know when or where we will move to.
Okay my cookies are beeping, I will be back now that I know i need to be using another computer. and if I disappear again please do a intervention on me to get me off farm town or join and hire me so we can talk.
Grace is outside playing on the riding lawnmower and watching Rob but something is definitly up, she wants to be held but if you pick her up she whimpers because you are touching her ribs.


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