Monday, July 13, 2009

Today is moving day

Well not really but it is the day we should find out where we are moving. We thought it would be last Friday. The last thing we heard on Thursday was they were thinking it would be one of the three Fort Bragg, NC, or Fort Riley KS or Korea. They said they have to have a 3 year commitment for Korea so family will definitly go. Then they came back and said they put Bragg on the bottom because although he would love to get it he does not have Airborne status. In his heart he thinks it will be Korea and in my heart although they say it has to be a 3 year commitment I think it will be Korea for a year without us. Now the wrench in all of this is his Fort Knox spot was given to someone who will be in his August school. So if he gets to school and that person wants to switch we may still be able to get to Fort Knox, not likely if it is Korea. The crazy part is that it all comes down to a e-mail. Can you imagine life changing e-mails. All day he will check his e-mail to see if his RFO is in, and that will tell us where we are moving. A E-MAIL. So for now I am going to make waffles for my mom who is visiting and pull out the nutella I never let the kids have. Then we are heading to the lake to feed the ducks, home for lunch and then to piano and then a appointment and then Hula and then home for dinner. I am not going to set here waiting and wondering all day. Honestly, there is no real place I do not want to go. Korea would mean no deployments (or so the man said) and Bragg would be closer to home, and well I have never been to KS. I have realized to trust that if God sends me somewhere it is for a reason and to trust that reasoning even if I do not agree with it or understand it.


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