Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thankful Thursdays

Things I am thankful for
1. that i found the half bottle of ketchup in the pots and pan cabinet
2. that i found grace's shoe in the cereal cabinet
3. that my children are healthy and most of the time happy
4. that I was given such a awesome husband who puts up with me no matter what I do or say
5. that we know where we are moving
6. that I have everything I need, we have a home and food and clothes and probably more than we need on most days
7. That I am forgiven and I know that no matter how much I mess up the Lord is still there for me.
8. That we have a awesome homeschool group that I know I can turn to for help any time I need it
9. That we have found a church that has taken us in and treated us like we have been there for years
10. That I have been 38 hours without mountain dew and do not have a head ache


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