Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What Would Your Child Say?

I heard about a new fun thing to do on Wednesdays. It is called What would your child do, to participate go to
I think this wll be alot of fun because daily I am in tears about something my kids say. Since I am new I will tell you some older things to let you know my life better. Well maybe one or two current things.
My mom is visiting and we are really enjoying it but yesturday we were getting ready to go to dinner and Hope (age 6) said "OMA, your not wearing those shorts are you? and when oma said yes. Hope said "well your not wearing them out of the house". They were shorter then what my kids are allowed. I promise they were not bad. So my mom was grounded to the house by a 6 year old.
When my son was 4 years old (now 12) my husband was due for a promotion. That morning I had been at the hospital in pre-term labor. So we arrive at the promotion ceremony and set in the back. His commander and 1SG came and asked if I was okay and if I needed anything. As they are walking away, everyone is quiet, all the men are standing at attention. You know how the army is with ceremony. Michael ask me "mom are they boys", yes michael now SH! Then in a loud voice that echoes through the room he says " do they have penis's". I do not know which was funnier, that he said it or watching 100 soldiers stand at attention and try there hardest not to laugh or move.
ok, so this is not funny but humbling and a reminder as to where we should look when we are in pain and do not know what to do. Most of you know Grace was in the hospital in December. Well on a Tuesday morning at 4am I was setting next to her bed and I heard her go to the bathroom. Honestly I thought it was weird because she had not eaten in at least 5 days. So I set there and a few minutes later respitatory comes in to give her a treatment and do chest therapy. I said hold on and let me change her. The goal was to not turn on the light. He then says, you know I think it came out of her diaper. So we turn on the light and it looked like something off of a CSI show. She did not have a bowel movement, she had a GI bleed and there was blood everywhere. Please understand I mean on her, her diaper, her pajamas, her blanket, her hospital sheets and blankets, the chucks under her bedding and going onto the floor. That day she had x-rays, ultra sounds, a mecal scan, a cat scan and tons of blood work, that even she recieved a blood transfusion (which hurts anyways but they forgot to warm the blood) and then because she could not or would not drink we had to put a tube down her nose to give her all the meds to prepare her for a upper GI and colonoscopy. I was toast and so was she. The final straw was they came in about 11pm for urine and more blood. My precious baby had no veins left in her arms, hands, feet, and they were now using her legs. When they left I got her back to sleep or so I thought. I then got on line and was on Yahoo with my dear friend Debbie (she offered to call but I knew hearing her voice would send me over the edge and I was trying to not loose it, you know how when you actually talk out loud you can not hide your emotions) SO I am telling her I do not know how I can do this, I do not know how Grce can do this. I am just at my witts end and all the sudden from that big hospital bed with my little baby (3 year old) in it I hear, Jesus loves me this I know for the Bible tells me so, over and over because that is the only words she knew. You know I have heard people say "out of the mouths of babes" my entire life but until that moment I never understood that meaning. That was the reminder of how I was going to keep handling it.
I can not wait until next week when I can write down all the things my kids have said this week.


Lori said...

Aww, your Grace story made me get all teary-eyed, and I already knew it...She is a special little girl!

Family American Style. said...

Hi, I was very touched by your story. I am so glad that you posted "What would your children say?" Wednesday. Sorry I am responding to your post late but I didn't see you on my blog. When you put your http:// address and blog name in the blanks provided under the Wednesday’s post, everyone will have a chance to enjoy this as much as I have. I hope to hear about more of your wonderful stories next week. If you have any questions please feel free to drop me and e-mail.

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