Saturday, August 1, 2009

Ahola Weight Loss Seminar

Several months ago I met a lady name Rosie Douglas, she offered to pay for a military family to take Hawaii dance lessons. Mrs. Douglas is a wonderful lady and has a wonderful non-profit organization. She offers tutoring and mentoring. Friday night we did a fundraiser and had a great time. Unfortunately we did not have anyone show up. WE had 7 presenters but no one came to listen which meant that we made no money for Mrs. Rosie. I am attaching information about her organization at the bottom of this post. If you or your company would be interested in helping Mrs. Douglas please let me know. She is an amazing person with a amazing heart for youth.
I would like to say thank you to the people who came out in support and encourage you to support them.
First is a dear friend who spoke about scrapbooking and there ministry. She owns a scrapbook/homeschool material store in Gurly. Twice a year they make cards and send to the military. IT is a fun store that is very child friendly, if you stop by make sure you say I sent you.

Karen Thompson came from Pampered Chef, I love pampered chef, one of my favorite things about pampered chef is the quality of there products . I also enjoy how quickly you can prepare a meal using there products. Her site is www.PamperedChef.Biz/KarenThompson. I would love to do a show for her but I am afraid I would not get the attendance. If you are in need or in my case want of anything please let me know. If you have been thinking about doing a show but put it off now is a great time to do one. It is a perfect time to start Christmas shopping. Or a perfect time to get a gift for a wonderful friend (I would love to give you a list).

We also had a physical therapist from Dynamic Performance Physical Therapy. Mr. David Peterson was very funny. I did not know how many reasons there were to go to Physical Therapy. He had alot of great information.

Ms. Paula Eakins came to speak to us about breast cancer and remind us of all those things we need to be looking for and to do our self exams.

Mrs. Carla Hopkins came and taught us a Hawaiin dance. I am so sorry I do not have her website but I have her phone number if you are interested. She does come to Huntsville on Monday nights. Currently she only has 4 students (myself, faith, hope and Grace). We would love to have more in class with us. She is a wonderful teacher and 2 of her girls help out.

Mrs. Vernita Chandler came to speak to us about Avon. I am always amazed at how many things they have to offer. I can not wait to try out the foot care products I won as a door prize. Her site is

I had been waiting for weeks for our next speaker, Her name was Ms. Cheryl Cray and she came from the YMCA to teach us ZUMBA. If you have a ZUMBA DVD I would love to borrow it. She did a great job and made excercise look like fun.

I wish I had pictures of our two other speakers. We had Mrs. Lisa Crago from Curves. I have to say I enjoyed curves when I went a few years ago. She told us how they work with you and encourage you.
Jodie Bohannon came to speak to us about Tupperware and show us some of there new products. They even have a bannana keeper. While I have no need for one it was so cute I was tempted to buy one or ten. Again she has wonderful things for Christmas presents or for that wonderful friend who can always use more tupperware (let me know if you want my wish list, haha!)
Ms. Etete Agbabune came to speak to us about massage therapy. She even gave away two massages. I was very upset with the little blonde girl named Faith who did not pick her mothers name. She spoke of all the reasons to have one. She also said in the perfect world you would recieve a massage once a week. I think insurance should pay for that. Her number is 256-713 1679.
I would like to thank Apple Bee's for donating gift certificates. Again, if you know of a organization that would be interested in helping Mrs. Douglas, please let me know. Here is some iformation about her non profit organization.
Rosie’s International Services, Inc.

President.CEO Ms. Rosie L. Douglas

P.O. Box 21

Huntsville, AL 35804

Phone: (256) 429-8039


Rosie’s International Services, Inc. is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) tax exempt organization committed to helping disadvantaged youth. Our diverse corporation is organized exclusively for charitable, educational, and literary purposes.

Mission: Provide education and literary services to Huntsville/North Alabama area.

Purpose: Provide youth with leadership expertise, motivational skills, and key insights into the world of business and economic development. Exposing children to foreign languages and offering tutoring services in the subjects of Reading, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Spanish is the main conduit of carrying out this purpose.

Established in 2005, we have helped approximately 1000 youths per year. Our accomplishments include teaching children Spanish, English as a Second Language, and offering tutorial services that raised grade point averages of those served.


1. Eliminate illiteracy in youth ages 5-16.

ESL Classes


Spanish and other Foreign Language Classes

2. Youth Leadership Training

3. Mentorship

4. Summer Camps

5. Student Intern & Volunteer Opportunities

6. Community Outreach Programs

Our vision is to build a year round program, one stop center for tutoring and mentorship, providing certificates upon completion of participation.

Collaborating Organizations

Big Brothers/Big Sisters

Boys & Girls Club

Little Madison Academy

Meadow Hills Initiative Summer Program

Redstone Arsenal


Huntsville Public Library

McDonnell Elementary

Local Schools

Participating Volunteer Providers

Alabama A & M University

Bob Jones High School

Johnson High School

Oakwood University

University of Alabama in Huntsville

Any additional information or questions I can be reached at 256-429-8039 or



Rosie Douglas

Rosie's International Services, Inc.



Rosie’s International Services, Inc. is a non-profit organization which provides youth with leadership expertise through tutoring, mentorship, and teaching of foreign and international languages.


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