Monday, August 3, 2009

Not Me Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

Some of these may be repeats which I guess I should be my first one, I never forget what I wrote the week before. And on that note I do not keep a running list of the things I want to include on my Not Me Monday and if I did that I would most certainly not have layed in bed several nights this week and e-mailed myself things to add so I did not forget them.
As for food
I did not order pizza last weekend and then have my daughter take the boxes to a neighboors trash so DH would not know we ordered pizza in hopes of him ordering it the next time. I would not do that because I am watching my food intake.
Along with that, I did not forget that we bought a yellow watermelon (did you know there was such a thing). And then make smoothies with the cut up watermelon thinking it was some other melon. I then did not freeze the smoothies for DH to taste after all three girls who drink smoothies all the time said they tasted horrible. I did not feel totally stupid when after DH took the first drink and spit it said "Honey, you can not make smoothies with seeds". OOPS, appearantly seeds turn to a bitter taste. I would never do such a thing, especially since we are trying to watch a grocery budget and this wasted alot of fruit.
on this note , after making myself a lean cruisine meal I did not give it to DD because it had barb a que sauce on the chicken. My husband in return did not try to convince my daughter that the weird taste was because the convince her the weird taste was ketchup warmed up and tell her to add cold ketchup.
I did not laugh out loud when a man at Chirck fil walked out on the playground and the first thing he said to there kids even before getting there shoes off "Hurry up kids, I am not going to be here all day". I know it was wrong but really who brings there kids to a playground and tells them to hurry up. I am a grown up and woul d never laugh at this man.
As for our military life
After living on post for 5 years I did not leave my ID at home and then leave post, I did not then convince the gate guard to let me use my 12 year old sons ID to get in even though he was not with me. I also do not take cookies and bread to the gate guards normally so they remember us.
I do not think I live in a different world than most because there are times I see soldiers walking around with guns. And I most certainly do not send cookies to my husbands work because I fieel bad for all the privates and know they must miss there moms home cooking.
I did not think about postponing my dental cleaning because I know I need more dental work and do not want the bill. And because I am of my totall mind I do not dream that someone will pay for me to get braces.
My husband,
I do not tell the funny things he does and since I am such a respectful wife I will not tell you how funny I thought it was when he referred to our girls as the cingular bars when they were standing at the counter in a store the other day.


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