Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I wish it was a wordless Wednesday

But this is how my day went. I woke up and played on the computer and then I had alot of paperwork for co-op this morning and it ended up taking most of the day. had signs to print and such too (i should have worked on this earlier). then we went to the church and moved around tables and took pictures of the room. i like to take a picture of the room for the teachers to see at the end of the day. that way we know how to set up the tables and chairs. then we picked up the baby i keep (after her daycare which is at my church) and came home. the kids finished up awanas and showered. we dropped the baby off to her parents. Went to walmart to develop pictures, drop kids off at awanas and then i went to pick up pictures, went to books a million to pick up books for faith. Picked up kids, came home and got them in bed. Put pineapple upside down cake in oven (after making it, haha). neighboor came over with fundraiser, pulled cake out of oven. loaded dishwasher and straightened the kitchen. Now I am going to try and get the cake out of the pan (worried it will not come out right). brush teeth, straighten my room and go to bed. Somewhere in there everyone got fed and school mostly got done and everyone got hugs and kisses. The only thing that did not happen today was a phone call we expected from dad, maybe Sunday


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