Sunday, August 30, 2009

First Day of School

Okay well really we homeschool and do not carry back packs. But I love all the first day of school photos and since we had to have backpacks for co-op I had to take pictures. Everyone was not exactly thrilled about having there pictures taken. I love our homeschool group and I love co-op. This year Michael is taking Entomolgy, Presidents and Art. Faith is taking American Girl, Art, and states history. Hope is taking Art, Fun and games and oops I can not remember. I am taking, well baking and organizing and social skills and communication. No really I am just helping out.

It does fill like the school year has really started. The girls started speach this week and co-op started and Awana started. This year I have a cubbie, a spark, a T&T and someone in treck. Add to that we have piano and boyscouts and American Heritage girls and the week is packed. Plus trying to keep a full school time going. I love homeschooling and being with my kids, well most days I do.


~bakinghomesteader~ said...

I love to homeschool, too! (Most days, too LOL)

LRAQUILA said...

I love homeschooling too! But there are days that I am ready to turn in my resignation...but then I realize, I can't!!!!!! LOL!!

chrisannan said...

the kids look THRILLED to have the pictures taken!

college paper said...

Tense and excitement may experience in first day of school and that's normal. Stay clam, be yourself and be nice with them. All of you have the same feelings with each other.

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