Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Half Way to Daddy

We have reached the half way point to when we see daddy. He is doing Great. He is actually in the field this week. Today has been a AWESOME day. We went to speach this morning and then headed to the grocery store. It must be retiree day because the comisarry was packed. We came home and put cold food away. Then we headed to the pool for a couple hours. Then we came home and did chores and some more school. This afternoon Michael took time to read to the girl. He has not done this in forever. It was the best thing, I was in tears watching him read to them. He read them I Love You forever and when he did he said "this is the same book mommy read to me". I almost lost it.


LRAQUILA said...

Such sweet pictures :) Michael is a good big brother and I know he must be a big help to you while Daddy is away. I'll be praying for you guys....I cannot imagine....as I know how hard it is on us, and my husband is usually never gone for more than a week. Thanks to your husband and your whole family for the sacrifices you make to serve our country. It does not go un-noticed.

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