Monday, September 21, 2009

Not Me Monday

Not Me Monday
I wish I would have kept a list, I actually laid in bed last night thinking about my list.
Okay I think the big things are, I most definitely did NOT debate not attending my husbands graduation because I did not want to drive all the way there. I would never have these thoughts because I know how important this is to him.
I did not have to go to the PX on the morning of graduation and buy new pants because the skirt I bought was too small. I would never have outgrown a skirt and even if I did I surely would have tried on my graduation outfit before traveling with it.
I did not let my husband come home to something less than a perfectly clean house. I would never do that because I want him to feel special and wanted and he deserves a clean house.
I have not allowed my 3 year old to stay up and sleep in our room. I would not do this because one my husband does not like kids in bed with us (really he has been the one to bring her to bed). I also would not enjoy or encourage her to talk and snuggle with us because she is so cute. I would not do this because it will make it that much harder to get her back in her bed tonight.
I am not counting the minutes until moms night out tonight, I would not do this because I love every minute I get with my family.
My son did not inform every TAC instructor that he would not be joining the army or going high school to flight school. actually he said UH NO, I am not going into the army. He would never tell them this because it is like a smack in the face to them. I was also not tempted to have him lie and say that was his life time goal after he talked to the third person. I would never think about having my son lie. and I would most certainly not push him into joining the military.

how was everyone else's week. I know there are several more things I could write about but for now I need to start cleaning my beyond trashed house. Oh wait, I do not need to do that because of course I keep my house in top form constantly. I am never nervous when someone knocks on my door and I am always dressed when they do. I never walk outside in my pajamas, I never stay in my pajamas for days, I never let my kids leave the house with unbrushed hair or without shoes.


Amy said...

I love this, esp the part about not joining the Army. Smart kid . . . oh no! Did I say that? :)

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