Thursday, September 10, 2009

pams update

I am sore sore sore but doing okay. my toe is definitly not broken, you know when you tear a nail, i tore a big piece and that is super sore but not broken. my main issue is my back but i think i will take something for that. part of that is probably just as soon as i fel asleep someone knocked on my bedroom window (stupid teenagers) I was too tired to even call the police on post. but i jumped thinking someone was at the door.
then grace got in bed me annd could not get comfortable and kept saying move. i had no clue why until this morning when i went to wake faith and she was gone, i searched the house three times and begin to panic. i finally found her in my bed which is why we were all a litle crowded.
thank you for your prayers and for listening to my rant. Today is a great day


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