Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Happy Wednesday

Today has been a wonderful, crazy, busy day. Since my husband is away and reads my blog I try to keep up with it so he can see what we have done. That is the other reason I facebook and twitter because he may be able to look back at how things have gone.
This morning Faith and Michael had eye exams. This is the first they have been old enough to go back by themselves. They both passed without needing glasses. Then we ran to Sears to pay that dreaded credit card bill (no lectures I know they are bad, I am just being honest). Then we went to Sams for honey and bread flour. We only bought a couple extra things, strawberries and ketchup. I am proud of myself. If you ever want to make me happy give me a free shopping trip to Sam's. Then we went to the bank where I am pleased to say my deposit was exactly right.
We then came home and worked on Presidents for Michael. Actually we worked on how a state becomes a state. And art for Michael. Then we worked on Awana's. He was not thrilled because I wanted to study the verses he is learning. Faith and I worked on States history and Art and YIKES I just realized we forgot to finish up American Girl. In her defense I thought we had read 3 chapters and just realized it was only 2. Maybe we will get it done in the morning. We also worked on reading and Awanas.We had a surprise visitor and all I can say is I have a friend who needs prayer and I ask you to pray for them. We went to pick up a friends baby and came home and straightened up. Then we took her to her parents and then took the kids to McDonalds for dinner. I had not had there fries in a long time and they were great. Then we went to Awana's. It was parents night for T&T girls parents night. We stayed afterwards to pick up some paperwork. Then we came home. I got the kids in bed and have been working on banana bread. The last loaf is in the oven now. When it comes out I am going to bed. I did start bread in the bread machine so we will have it for lunch tomorrow. I hope everyone else had a great day.
Oh, I almost forgot the most important part. Rob called me this evening. They came in from the field for the night and were given phone privaleges. He said he is doing good, tired but good. He should be able to call again Sunday. It was perfect timing because there were some things we needed to talk about. 15 more days and we will be back with him.
Good night everyone. I hope you had a great day.


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