Sunday, September 13, 2009

studying your husband

Have you studied your husband recently, have you takent he time to ask him what his new goals and dreams are?
I am constantly learning things, it seems like I know nothing about my husband some days. As silly as it sounds I do not know all the foods he loves. I have had to ask him several times in the last few years to go grocery shopping because I get in a rutt and by the same foods and forget he will eat anything.
What about shaving cream, I had to ask him a few months ago do you like shaving cream or gel, I had been buying cream because he had one of those warmer things but then he stopped using it. He said he likes the gel better. I never thought about it. I know these things sound silly but have you asked your husband recently what he would like from the store. Not what he needs but what he wants. Have you asked do you like the fabric softner or would you like something different. I think sometimes because they do not tell us what they want we think they do not care.
I really want to try to be my husbands friend again, not just his wife, or his secretary. Please know he is a AWESOME man and our marriage is in good shape. I just want it to stay that way for a long time. Rob looks forward to the kids being grown and having time alone with me. I use to hate when he would say that. But then we talked (honestly he has explained this to me a hundred times). When I think about it I should be so thrilled he would say this. He is really saying that he wants ME. Time with me, time to be together.
Maybe it is because Rob is not here or maybe it is because I am watching Fireproof but I really want to find new ways of making sure my husband knows how much my marriage is worth to me and to make him feel special.
Sometimes we say that there is not time for date nights when we have kids or we can not afford to go out. I want to tell you there is NO excuse. We have found several ways. You can trade childcare with a friend and then you are not paying for it. Or you can put the kids to bed early and turn down the lights and have a quiet evening at home. I have learned that money is not a excuse because for us we have a thousand movies and nothing says you have to have a STEAK dinner. I know if i made time with my husband and served him hot dogs he would be thrilled.
So now that I have babbled I want to hear from you, how do you make your husband feel special, how do you make your husband feel special, how do you make time for your marriage, who is the person who encourages you in your marriage, who teaches you how to be a better wife. I feel blessed that I have had women in my life to support me and encourage me and honestly tell me when I am wrong.


Michelle Riggs said...

Today went much better than other spinal days have.

Thank you so much for praying for Abby.

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