Wednesday, September 9, 2009

how to tell when you are a army wife

How do you know you are a army wife. I can tell you because I get reminded of it at some point during each time my husband is away. This time I thought I was going to make it but appearantly not. I was heading to bed with a thousand things going through my mind on what I should be doing instead of going to bed.
I go to my bathroom to brush my teeth (you know since I facebooked that I was 5 minutes ago). When I walked into my bathroom I noticed a tampon in the toilet (which by the way had a ring in it from lack of cleaning). I had noticed someone was getting into my tampons the last few days and even spoke to a couple of my girls about it. So I flush the toilet and notice that it is not flushing (again I had noticed this the last few days but did not deal with it). So I go to the hallway bathroom to look for the plunger (because that is where we normally keep it). It was of course not there so I am now running in fear of my toilet over flowing (especially since I just washed the rugs in there) and what happens.
It happens, well first let me say I was running through the house in just my undergarments. So I run in my 12 year olds room (who has a fit if we are not dressed in clothing head to toe) and run in his bathroom and ended up on the floor. Appearantly when he showered he flooded the floor. So I scream and cry and scream and cry and scream some more and NO ONE hears although all 4 children can not be more than 7 feet away from me. Finally Michael wakes up. He finds me screaming and crying and bleeding in his bathroom floor. Now I lay there trying to figure out what is broken, why is my foot bleeding and what do I do next. (okay so you know the tears are flowing now, not from tears but from life)He offers to help but really I am scared to move and every time I try I slide a little more. Ten minutes later I make it to the carpet and off the tile. I am okay, I am now in my livingroom in my chair. My foot (well toe) has almost stopped bleeding. My right knee and leg are not terrible, my right ankle and foot is killing me, my left elbow is burning or hurting and well my right jaw is just weird and my back says do not move. oh and my unmentionals are not feeling so good which i do not understand. So now I set here in my chair wondering if I want to go to bed. I will be fine by morning and get over myself. But for now I need to figure out how to get out of this chair and unplug that toilet and if it has flooded my bathroom (i do not think it has) then clean it all up. and if I was smart I would get in the shower since I did fall in dirty water on the floor.
So how do you know when you are a army wife when you tell yourself to suck it up and drive on and then just do that because there is no one else to suck it up for you.
thanks for letting me rant.
please pray that I will be okay tomorrow we have a beyond busy day. co-op, then piano and then heritage girls and then dinner and bed.


Lynne Kennedy said...

oh Pam, do you need anything tonight? You know I am just out the Arsenal gate and could come over and help you -- yes, tonight! I am so sorry, but you are a trooper, and one of the best Army wives I know <3

~bakinghomesteader~ said...

Oh my! Life can get overwhelming at times. It is especially hard when your husband is gone. I will pray for you. You are a strong woman! I hope today is a better day!

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