Friday, September 11, 2009

Prayers for Melanie

Posted 21 minutes ago
This is Melanie's daughter-in-love Rebecca. I have just returned from Huntsville checking on Melanie and trying to give Val a short break. Melanie mentioned to me yesterday that day 3 after surgery is often the worst. That certainly has been the case for her. (My dad said the same thing when I arrived at their house; is this something everyone knows?) Yesterday we had a fairly peaceful day--or as peaceful as one can get in the hospital. She walked four times; she was in some pain but it was intermitent. Her bleeding was light. She laughed at the show the Singing Bee (no talent required, apparently), and I had time to write in my journal. All of the hiccups were things the doctor had warned Val might happen.

This morning, however, was a flurry of activity. I arrived at the hospital a 7am and we barely had time to say hello before doctors and nurses began a revolving door into her room. We had the positive report from the surgeon (see Garth's earlier post), but then Melanie began bleeding and has not stopped bleeding all day. She had a blood transfusion, and who knew that that takes two hours per pint? Her doctor put her on a medication the enduces clotting to control the bleeding,though Val and I had concerns about the stroke risk.

I am updating now because she is in a tremendous amount of pain. She is asking that her prayer warriors do their thing. Please pray about her pain, her loss of blood, and if you have extra prayer time, that she might be able to avoid chemo...though her oncologist said that's a month away; let's get the bleeding under control first.

If you want to communicate with Melanie, this is the best format. She is busy trying to get well, and as you know, it is hard to rest in the hospital. She said she feels like a pincushion with the constant checks of sugar, hemoglobin, etc. You are dear to want to call and check on her, but she really can't talk on the phone, and she just doesn't need to wake up from her catnap even if Val is the one to answer it. Val can barely keep up with the four doctors, caring for her mom, etc, so even texts can be difficult to respond to. If you post here, Val can check and read it to Melanie when she feels up to it. She is much encouraged by your kind words and they are helping her get through this difficult time. We do thank you for your prayers and hope tomorrow will bring vast improvement in Melanie's condition


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