Monday, September 28, 2009

Not Me Monday

Oh so many to write and so many I will not share. Most of which has something to do with how lazy I feel this week.
First, because I have no brain I did not have to send Faith back into the commisary because I found things that I forgot to pay for. I also would never send my daughter back in the store because I am too embarrased to do it myself.
I most certainly did not have to use conditioner as shaving gel because I was too lazy to get out of the shower once I was there. I did not convince my husband to take the kids to Awanas last week although it was parents night because I had several things I needed to get caught up on. I would never volunteer for things and then get so far behind. I am much too organized for that. Speaking of organization I did not shred 3 bags of paperwork this weekend because we have let it get so far behind. I did not also make sure I was in bed when they got home so that DH would have to be the one to encourge them to get there chores done.

I did not volunteer to give money to a friend from a friend and then forget and have to run out at 9am last week to pay for a field trip, this would never happen to the organized person that I am. Oh and on said day I most certainly did not run out in pajama pants and a t-shirt and sandles. And since I would never leave my house in my pajamas I most certainly did not then stop at a friends to pick up pumpkin and talk outside her house for several minutes in my pajamas. And because I am better organized then this I most certainly did not run errands several times last week with the kids in there pajamas and no shoes. I would NEVER let them leave the house like this. We are always well put together with hair and make up and clothes.
Speaking of clothing, I did not go through Grace's clothes this weekend and realize that for fall she has one dresser drawer and a handful of hanging clothes and that is it, I also did not realize Michael has NO long sleeve shirts for this fall.. I would never let there closets get this bare without me realizing it.
Because we have the best piano teacher in the world I most certainly did not forget about piano last week and then not even call when I realized it. I am much too organized for such rude behaviour. And since we did not go I did not totally forget to pay piano until I was 3 weeks late.
And since I wrote most of this on Thursday morning (see I am organized) I am not too tired to organize to remember my thoughts and list to do on Monday morning.
I love my husband and really enjoy him being home so I would never let my 6 year old get in bed with me a midnight. And because I did not do this we most certainly did not lay there and watch TV for a hour.
Okay one last thing. I did not forget to mail in my paperwork for district jury duty until i was 10 days late and then I definitly did not loose the envelope to do so.
And because I love homeschooling my children I most certainly am not writting this while doing states histoy and entomology with my children and I am not getting annoyed that they need me while I type.
Have a great week and let me know what you have done this weekend.


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