Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Pampered Chef and Scrapbooking

My blog has been neglected. I have been baking like crazy and school takes alot more time this year. Which I love. I am also trying to do things like put away laundry before you all come over for the pampered chef party on Friday. I am really hoping to have lots of friends come and that they bring lots of friends. We have decided to cook pork sandwhiches and a dessert of some type.

What do these two things have in common. My house next Friday night. A few months ago I helped with a fundraiser. We had 8 vendors and expected about 150 ladies to attend. We had ZERO ladies show up and I was very disappointed. The pampered chef lady had a great attitude about it all and I was very grateful. I told her I would do a show that night. I LOVE pampered chef and can tell you there is never a day that goes by that it is not used in my house.
So I was thinking if friends get the night out then we should take advantage of it and have a scrapbooking get together. Bring your scrapbook stuff or just come to hang out.
The pampered chef show starts at 6pm, if you need help getting on the Arsenal please just let me know. It really is easy. So come out, support someone who has a great attitude and have fun with ME.
Time: 6pm
Date: Friday October 2, 2009
Place: oh yeah this is internet, call me or e-mail me


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