Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Posted 17 hours ago
The colon surgery is on for tomorrow - 9/9/09! There was a patient scheduled ahead of Mom in the morning, but that surgery has been canceled. So, her surgery will begin earlier than the original time of 11:30 am. We do not know the time, yet. I will post another update when I do know the time.

Surgery time
Posted 16 hours ago
Mom's surgery is scheduled for 8:30 AM Central time at Huntsville Hospital. I have been told that we will be in the 1st floor surgical waiting room.
She will be taken back for preparation at 7 AM. Please do not try to visit her before this time, as she may not be able to see people due to the preparations she must go through this evening. :-)
She does feel the love that everyone is expressing for her. She continues to appreciate all your prayers, good thoughts, and well wishes!


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