Monday, September 14, 2009

Not Me Monday

I did not lie to my daughter by telling her that we were out of pull ups in hopes that she would decide to re potty train. I did not stay in my pajamas for three days this weekend. I did not go outside to talk to friends in my pajamas. I am always dressed with make up and would never be caught without it
A friend did not come over just so we could cry together because I most certainly have my act together and would not need that.
I did not let my son lay in my bedroom and watch discovery channel the ENTIRE weekend, I would not do this because I do not believe children should be allowed to watch so much TV.
Right now my girls are not eating carrots right out of the bag because I am too lazy to make breakfast. I am not also excited because we are meeting a friend for breakfast/lunch because one we can talk and two it means I will not have to worry about lunch.


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