Saturday, August 22, 2009

Getting Locked out

We live in a gated community, HAHAHAHAHA! Really it is a military post and most days I like it. Well this week I have my brain. I left the house to go to piano and after vowing to give up mountain dew I decided that a mountaindew slushie would surely help my sinus head ache. So I pull into the gas station and realize I left my wallet at the house. So we went on to piano. While we were there hope took sticks from the yard and made a hut. She said this is the hut we would die in because we could not go home and we had no money. Then she decided to rub two sticks together so we would have fire for the night. She was truelly concerned for us. Grace told her they could just build a bridge with the sticks to get to Michael (who was at home). I had visions of us getting caught sneaking over the fence to a military post. No worries my dear friend Crystal came to my rescue and brought me my wallet. Really it was not that big of deal because the gate is only a mile away and Michael could have walked to the gate to bring me the keys. I have to admitt I was a little embarrased when I realized we were stuck because Hope had not brushed her hair and Grace had snuck out of the house in her elmo slippers. I wish the pictures were better.


~bakinghomesteader~ said...

LOL oh my! Hang in there. :)

Khourt said...

Yikes! So glad you were able to get back in!!

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