Monday, August 24, 2009

Not me Monday

What a awesome week. All week I have thought about not me Monday. let start with my kids. Hope and Grace did not lay our broom from the couch to the love seat and then proceed to use it as a tight rope.They would not do this because they are smart enough to know that is dangerous and they also know that a dirty broom does not go on my couch. My son did not sneak on the computer 10 times because he respects me enought to not do that. Faith did not cry at the drop of a hat because she is not having hormones or learning to talk back. I did not come out of the shower to find Grace standing on one dresser turning my fan on and off, and notice she had climbed up and turned on the weather radio and the alarm clock on the other dresser, and she most definitly had on clothes while doing this because my girls are always properly dressed. Grace also did not pull her pull up to the side in front of a room of people to show them her diaper rash.
Okay onto me,
I did not get a higher electric bill than anyone I know because I leave my air condirioner on 68 because I am so spoiled, I am very cautious with our money and would not do this to us. I did not get so excited about Hope wanting to put away laundry yesturday because I do not expect my kids to do more and more chores. I did not think about how much help this would be for me and try to figure out how fast she could start doing this chore. I did not stay up late watching footloose and singing along to all of the songs because for one I would not know these songs and for two I do not watch these kinds of shows. On that note I also did not watch a hour of how did you get so rich this week.
I did not have to make the girls clean my bedroom on Saturday, I did not have to do this because for 2 days I encouraged the girls to watch tv in my room while I started official school with the bigger kids and even if I did this I most certainly would have watched them closer.
I did not force my son to stay in a scrapbook store for almost 4 hours on Saturday because he did not get his school work done. I know scrapbooking and boys do not go together and would not do that to him.
Last Sunday I did not get into the passanger seat after church and wait for Rob. I am in my right brain and would remember he had been gone for 4 days.
I also did not leave post without my wallet last week, I would never do this because I know that although the gate guards have seen me everyday for the last 5 years they will not let me back home. On this day I most certainly did not forget to brush Hope's hair and I definitly did not let Grace sneak out of the house in elmo slippers instead of shoes. I really do have my act together better than this. I also did not have a mini pitty party with myself about not knowing what I would do before calling a friend to help.
Okay, because I am starting to watch calories and trying to give up mountain dew I did not buy a 12 pack yesturday. It is for emergancy's. I hope everyone else has a awesome great week and does the silly things I do.


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So fun to see your blog. Our blog is See you Thursday.

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