Monday, December 5, 2011

Not me Monday

Not me, it is not me, it is never me, I am perfect in every way and always tell everyone who will listen.
It is not me who is 2 months past time getting her teeth cleaned.
It is not me who is one step away from becoming a respite care provider and just keep dragging my feet.
It is not me who is eating chips with melted cheese on it because I am too lazy to think of something healthy.
It is not my husband who picked up “deployment uniforms” today.
It is not me who enjoys having company because it forces me to straighten up.
It is not me who made coal this morning and plans on putting it in a bowl and leaving it on the counter until Christmas.
It is not me who is really tired and wants to skip school so I can take a nap today.
Mckmama- Not Me Monday



slpleslieanne said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog! 

I have aded your blog to my feed and I look forward to reading it more! Have a great day! 

paperblessings said...

LOL.  You are too cute!   HOw did the coal come out?  Was it super messy?   ((hugs)) Tamara

Daneilia P said...

Oh the joys of life.  I hope you can eventually perk up.  I know how those days are and its been all too often this year.  But good things shall come out of everything ;)  Have a great day.

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