Monday, December 12, 2011

Not me Monday

I did not look forward to my husband going away for the week because it meant I got the bed to myself, a soldiers wife enjoys every night she gets with said soldier.
I am not making a mega long list of things for my soldier to do in case he gets time off before he deploys. I would never do this because I know we should spend our time doing things like playing games and enjoying ourselves.
I am not setting here writing this during the time I am suppose to be reading with my daughter. Not me because I am a awesome homeschool mom.
I did not fuss at my daughter for wearing her sisters under garments for several days. Each day she would cry and tell me it was size 6, before realizing that my youngest and oldest both wear size 6. Not me, I would realize they have size 6 children and size 6 adult under garments.
I did not have a royal pity party with myself on my birthday because my hero is a crappy giver. I would never do this because really it is a birthday not the end of the world and I have known for 16 years that he is a poor giver.
Mckmama- Not Me Monday


Deborah said...

Hi just hopping over from MckMamas and I wanted to wish you a Happy Belated Birthday! My birthday was the 6th and my DH (to be) is a crappy giver too, I totally understand. :)

Angela said...

Sorry for the bday gift.  Next time just tell him you would be happy to do the shopping yourself and save him some work!  Jumped over from Home Cooked Healthy.  Thanks for sharing!

Savvylittlewomen said...

I think husbands need to be told exactly what to buy :), at least thats kind of how it is in our house!

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