Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Aunt Candi

Recently my girls visited my mom. She took them swimming with my sister in law. A couple of really fun things happened. First after telling my mom that Grace could NOT swim she put herself under water and went swimming like she had always known how. Hope on the other hand would not let go of her Aunt Candi. She has always had a special bond with her. On this day she would not stay off of her and at some point told Candi it was time to get out of the pool so they could have a talk. I have no clue what they talked about. It looked pretty intense. Do your children have a close relationship with there aunts and uncles? I think part of the reason I want a large family is so my grandchildren will have lots of aunts and uncles. I honestly feel guilt for my kids when I hear about there friends staying with aunts and uncle. We take every minute we can get with Aunt Candi as a special time. Pamela


Jen said...

I don't have children yet but my husband and I are incredibly close to our niece and nephew. We treat them as if they are our own. It is the best relationship.

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