Thursday, August 9, 2012

My morning routine

I am a morning person so this is easy. I rarely set a alarm and if I do I am up before it goes off. I wake up and turn off the alarm. If my husband is deployed then I try to look out the window to make sure there are not government vehicles in my driveway. I know that is crazy but I do. Then I let the dog outside and give her food. If I need to shower, then I shower. But wait I do not just shower. I turn on the water, straighten the counter, pick up the floor, and maybe even straighten the closet out. Then I get into the shower. While I am in the shower I make a mental note of what needs done that day. I always come up with a million blog post while I am in the shower and get so excited. But by the time I am out of the shower I forget them. I am trying to get back in the habit of wearing makeup but it does not always happen. After my shower I come in the livingroom and check facebook, and begin making breakfast. By this point at least the little boys are up and telling me that their stomachs are growling. We do not often eat breakfast as a family when it is non school days. After breakfast it is time for morning chores. After chores we have morning devotions (or at least we try to). After devotions we start school. This brings me to breakfast. When it is a non school day some eat eggs, some eat cereal, some eat oatmeal. If it is a school day or when my husband is home we try to have a real meal together. I try to keep things like scrambled eggs cooked for a couple of days so that there is always real food for breakfast. Pamela
Mama’s Losin’ It


Dawn Fischer said...

Thank you for your sacrifice as a military wife, and deep gratitude for his service!
What's makeup ?? :@)

Jennifer Y said...

All my best ideas come when I'm bathing.   We need some sort of water proof way of writing things down in there...

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