Tuesday, August 7, 2012

My first Rag Quilt

Do you quilt? Have you ever thought about quilting? I would like to say I love to quilt but considering I have only made 2 quilts that would not smart. The first one I made with my husband’s help. This time he is not here so I had help from my daughter. The plan was to do 7*7 squares but sadly my cutting skills are not that great and they ended up being 5*5 squares. Okay remember I am not an expert and can hardly sew a straight line. So do not look too closely to my lines. This was such an easy quilt to make. I did choose to have the back a different design than the front. I like the way it came out but may make it easier by just using the same on both sides next time.  Supplies: I used 6 different fabrics and I want to say 2.5 yards of each Batting- I used a mostly cotton batting because it was suggested to me, I love that I have friends I can call all the time Rotary cutter Rotary mat- I need a bigger one Sharp scissors, I think it is called snippet scissors Okay step one   Cut your fabric into squares- this is where my cutting skills were not awesome Cut batting into squares slightly smaller Now layer the top with the bottom and put a piece of batting in between, making sure you have both pieces of fabric facing out.  Now sew an X on each one to hold them together.  ****you are seriously half way done, isn’t this so easy.  Okay so now you have all your squares cut out. This is when I called friends and said oops forgot how I wanted to design this, please help me. I literally have pages of scrap paper where I was calculating out rows and design before I decided to just do it in rows.  Now lay them out on a big sheet (or whatever is easiest for you). You could pin them together or just stack them. I stacked them up.  Now sew each piece down one side to the other, only make sure to leave ½ of an inch on the edge. Now that you have the first and second row done (I did 13 across), you can sew those two rows together. Make sure you remember to keep the ½ inch boarder.  Once you have all of your rows together then you can sew around the edges one time. Now the easy part. You know all those seems that are sticking up on one side. Snip little lines in it (making sure not to snip past the seam line.     The last step is to throw the quilt in the washer. Sadly, I have not had a chance to do this because my washer is broke. That will be fixed tomorrow afternoon.     I am so excited about this quilt that I have material to do another one already.  Pamela


Dumont96 said...

It looks great!!!  There are lots of "quilt as you go" patterns out there, they are not all rag edged quilts.  Look forward to seeing your next one! :)

Jen said...

Great job!! I love it. :) 

Dawn Sizer said...

I've been wanting to do one of these for a while, and here you are with instructions!  Looks so awesome and so easy!
I'm a new follower from the hop.  So Hi!

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